FauxLex Rolex



I’ve been finding, dissecting, and building up information on fake Rolex watches since the mid-1990′s. A fake Rolex, if well made, can stand on its own as an excellent high-end watch, regardless of what else it might look like.

But buying such a watch runs you through the maze of a business inherently based on lying. If you’re considering buying a fake Rolex, especially if on the internet, you need to read these pages first.

I’m a hobbyist, a watch fanatic. And for whatever reason, I have a passion for fake Rolex watches. I also have a passion for travelling around the world. I’ve seen some amazing fakes, made with state-of-the-art technology, at prices far below what internet dealers charge. I don’t advocate buying fakes on the internet. I’m not in business to tell you where to find specific fakes, but at least you should be able to judge them on your own after reading these pages…